Privacy policy

Fair Trade Tourism believes that strong electronic privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of the Internet as a service, commercial, and entertainment medium. We will not release your personal data to anyone else, except if you provide your consent or if it is disclosed for the purposes for which you made it available to Fair Trade Tourism.

1. How does Fair Trade Tourism gather contact details and how is it used?
The only contact details gathered are those which customers voluntarily submit – on enquiry forms, survey forms, by fax, over the telephone, by using FTT’s website and/or in email messages.

2. With whom does Fair Trade Tourism share these contact details?
These details are shared only with the Fair Trade Tourism staff (eg: for Fair Trade Tourismto send you media releases, newsletters, invitations to Fair Trade Tourism and related industry functions with your consent). Comments and customer contact details are published on the site's feedback page only with customers' written consent.

3. What is Fair Trade Tourism’s data removal policy?
Any requests to unsubscribe from mailing lists or remove personal data from our databases should be submitted by email or fax. Removal will be subject to legal, tax and travel industry requirements. Email newsletter subscribers are able to unsubscribe themselves from mailing lists by clicking on the link at the foot of all email newsletters. For more information, please email


4. How can I correct and update my personal information and communication preferences?

Please submit your new details by email or fax. Email newsletter subscribers are able to update and correct any personal profiles, which they voluntarily submitted during the subscription process.

5. Who can I ask if I have any additional questions?
Please contact us on