Responsible tourism links

Toolkits and Resources

  • CBI (Dutch Import Promotion Agency) Tourism Resources
  • Travel Foundation Green Business Tools
  • Strambach, S. & A. Surmeier (2013): Knowledge dynamics in setting sustainable standards in  tourism – the case of ‘Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa’. Current Issues in Tourism, 36 (7-9), pp. 736-752

  • Strambach, S. & A. Surmeier (under review): From Standard Takers to Standard Makers? - The Role of Knowledge-Intensive Intermediaries in Global Institution Building – Insights from South Africa. Global Networks.

  • Surmeier, A. & Strambach, S. (under review): The contribution of South African tourism bussinesses to sustainable development processes - the case of Buccaneers Lodge & Backpackers. In: Lund-Durlacher, D., Fifka, M, Reiser, D. (Editors): CSR and Tourism. Springer Verlag.


Safety and Security

  • Tourism Safety Initiative (TSI) is a tourism safety information portal and trade support programme.
    It is a private sector initiative and a vehicle through which we aim to address safety and security challenges.

Government and International Organisations

  • A website which contains resources for the workplace such as legislations, policies and procedures, labour court case summaries, etc.
  • A website with items related to discrimination and related issues.
  • The official website of the South African Department of Labour.
  • NEDLAC (National Economic Development and Labour Council) is an institution in South Africa, which serves as a forum for dialogue amongst the government, organised business, organised labour and community on issues of social and economic policy.
  • The official website of the International Labour Organization, which deals with issues related to labour, workplace and employment conditions.
  • A website for students looking for a tutor in their area.

Child Protection

  • The Code: Fair Trade Tourism is the local representative for the Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct (the Code). The Code is an industry-driven, multi-stakeholder initiative with the mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry, in order to combat the sexual exploitation of children in contexts related to travel and tourism.
  • ECPAT: ECPAT is a network of international organisations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes. Its main focus is on ensuring that children are protected from all forms of sexual exploitation
  • Anti-Slavery International: Anti-Slavery International is an international human rights and charity organisation which addresses issues related to slavery and related abuses, including child labour
  • IPEC: IPEC (International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour) is a programme of the International Labour Organisation that deals with issues related to the elimination of child labour
  • Child Labor Coalition (CLC): CLC is a US based national network that works to share information about child labour, to protect working minors, to stop child labour exploitation, to provide a floor for public education against child abuse and to promote desired initiatives
  • Molo Songololo: A South African NGO, working to protect children's rights through advocacy & awareness raising; education & training; victim empowerment programme; and youth development programmes.  


  • Website of the South African Department of Health, which has a programme on HIV/AIDS and TB
  • Education Training and Counselling (ETC) – specialists in workplace training and policies for HIV/AIDS
  • AIDS Foundation of South Africa, which aims to gives general information about HIV/AIDS within the context of South Africa. This site also provides information on the activities of the foundation, and offers a channel to facilitate to anyone who wants to make financial contribution towards various AIDS initiatives
  • A directory designed to assist networking and referral as key components of the national response to HIV/AIDS
  • AfroAIDSinfo is an Internet project of the South African Medical Research Council. It aims to disseminate important information on HIV/AIDS to researchers, the health profession, the public, infected individuals, educators and policymakers. This site is an HIV/AIDS information portal for southern Africa