Tourism Product Certification Manual

Vision: Global leadership for fair, participatory and sustainable tourism

Mission: Through certification develop the market for Fair Trade Tourism in a way that benefits people, business and the environment

1. Introduction

This certification manual has been developed to guide and assist you to get FTT certification for your Tourism Product. It follows exactly the same format as the Tourism Product Certification Standard and covers the following 4 sections:

  1. Demonstrate effective Business Practises and Human Resource management
  2. Maximise social and economic benefits to the local community and minimise negative impacts
  3. Maximise benefits to cultural heritage and minimise negative impacts
  4. Maximise benefits to the environment and minimise negative impacts

This manual will take you through each of the above sections, looking at each criterion individually and in more detail to identify exactly what is required from your business to successfully apply for a FTT certification audit. In addition to the manual we have also developed the following tools:

  • Resource Centre – here you will be able to find checklists and examples of company documentation such as policies and human resource documents.
  • Information Portal – here you will be able to access websites with information relevant to the specific criteria of the standard.
  • Template Portal – here you will able to find blank template documents such as attendance registers for training that you can use and fill in as relevant for your own business.

These will be updated regularly to provide you with information relevant to the FTT certification of your business as well as templates and tools to assist you with recordkeeping in line with the Tourism Product Certification Standard.

If you follow these guidelines carefully and apply the associated recommended policies, procedures, tools and templates to your business, you should be able to successfully become FTT certified.

This guide will be updated in line with the updating of the Tourism Product Certification Standard, i.e. at least every 3 years. Policies and legislation requirements will be updated more regularly as necessary so please check the online Portals more frequently to stay up to date.

It is very important that this manual be used in conjunction with the Tourism Product Certification Standard and not as a stand-alone tool. This will ensure a well-rounded approach to prepare yourself for certification.

As Fair Trade Tourism aims to continuously improve its tools, any feedback in terms of the accuracy, ambiguity or unsuitability of this manual would be most welcome. We would also like to hear from you with regards to any useful tools you have found to be most practical during your own certification journey. In either case please contact Thiofhi Ravele at:

2. Icons

Throughout this manual you will see the use of various icons. These have been used to assist you in finding information not only in the document itself, but also when accessing the online Information and Template Portal.

Information Portal
Resource Centre
Template Portal

3. Applicability

As mentioned above, this manual must be used in line with the FTT Tourism Product Certification Standard as well as the Criteria document. The Certification Standard is particularly useful as it explains the Criteria Types, Criteria Checkpoints and the Product Applicability. For this reason these explanations have not been repeated here and therefore each point described in this manual assumes that the point is applicable to your business. Please be advised that it is recommended therefore to first check in the Criteria document whether or not the point applies to your business before attempting to comply with all the points as recommended herein.