3rd party suppliers are involved in the identification of training and development needs

What does this mean?

  • Before the business embarks on any type of training and/or business development support with its 3rd party suppliers, they should be consulted to establish what their needs are.
  • This could be done either by speaking to the supplier directly or by asking them to fill out a short questionnaire on their training and development needs.
  • The content and level of the support and training should be in proportion to the size of the supplier and their operation.

What do I do?

  • In the Template Portal is an example of a questionnaire that could be used to establish the needs of your suppliers.  This should be amended to be suitable to your own operations and what you would like to know from your suppliers.
  • Remember to keep records of any questionnaires filled in by suppliers or meetings had to assess development needs.
  • Once the suppliers have indicated their needs, the business needs to do an action plan to determine which suppliers will be assisted, how and over what period of time.  This also needs to include the associated budgets and types of resources needed to successfully implement the plan.  An example of this can also be found in the Template Portal.