Fire equipment is available and regularly maintained. Fire routes are indicated

What does this mean?

  • Besides H&S, the OHSA is also clear about fire equipment being made available at your place of work.
  • The number and type of fire extinguishers needed will vary depending on the size and scope of the business.
  • Don’t forget that all fire equipment needs to be regularly maintained and serviced, at least annually.
  • Fire extinguishers and other equipment also needs to be clearly marked.
  • Fire exits need to be clearly marked and there needs to be one for each closed area of the business.  It is essential that fire exits remain unblocked at all times in case they need to be used in an emergency.

What do I do?

If you are unsure of what equipment is needed, contact one of the many companies out there to assist you.  Below are just some examples:

The following website gives a clear overview of safety equipment for the hotel industry: