The business demonstrates efforts to promote and work with small enterprises and entrepreneurs and encourage them to develop and sell local sustainable products based on the area's nature, history and culture, where this is relevant

What does this mean?

  • It could be the responsibility of the procurement manager to engage with the local community and local entrepreneurs regularly to determine if the business can assist them to develop.
  • Such work could also be linked to a feedback form that guests can use to give ideas on what type of local products they might like to find available in the business’ restaurant or curio shop. The procurement manager could then use this as a lead to try and make contact with people who are doing this locally or even identify someone in the community who is unemployed and is looking to become an entrepreneur.
  • When such work is done or there are success stories, it needs to be communicated internally and even to guests, for example the story of a local community entrepreneur could assist them in selling their product.