The business has a mission statement or Code of Conduct reflecting the principles of Fair Trade and responsible tourism

What does this mean?

  • A mission or value statement is a statement of the purpose of your business and should include what the overall goal of the business is as well as what is wants to achieve.
  • The Fair Trade principles as outlined above can be found in the FTT Standard as well as the FTT Certification Protocol and therefore will not be repeated here.
  • It is important that once the mission or value statement has been formulated that it is communicated to guests and employees.
  • Employees specifically should also be able to understand the meaning of the statement and all the principles of Fair Trade as outlined above.

What do I do?

For information on how to write a mission statement, refer to the following websites:

Also refer above to the last criteria point of A5 where more references are given to Fair Trade.

In the Resource Centre are some sustainability guidelines which could be useful to your business.  There are also some posters on sustainable practices which can be used.