The business has a valid certificate for the acceptability of food service or food safety equivalent

What does this mean?

  • All businesses that serve or handle food are obliged to apply for a certificate of acceptability in terms of the Health Act and Government Notice, which states that: “No person shall handle food or permit food to be handled:
  • On food premises in respect of which a valid certificate of acceptability has not been issued or is not in force;”
  • These certificates can only be issued by local municipalities after an application has been made and a health inspector has inspected your premises for the necessary hygiene requirements.

What do I do?

For more information on the certificate of acceptability, visit the following website:

The application forms for some areas can be found on the Template Portal.  If yours is not there please contact your local health department.

Health Act, No. 63 of 1977
Government Notice No. R.723 of 12 July 2002