The business has a valid licence to trade

What does this mean?

Trading licences are governed by the Business Act of 1991, No. 71, and it states that the following businesses require licences:

  • If you sell or supply meals or perishable foodstuffs (including hawking)
  • If you provide certain types of health facilities or entertainment
  • As is clear from the above, tourism businesses as such do not necessarily need licences – i.e. anyone can open a tourism business provided that they have the necessary liquor and food service certificates. 
  • You will need to check with your local tourism authority whether such registration is required.

What do I do?

Contact your local tourism authority. The contact details for all provincial tourism authorities can be found on the Tourism Business Council of South Africa Website at:

  • As there is no national requirement for trading licenses, you will need to contact your local municipality to make sure that you comply with their by-laws.
  • You need to also contact your municipality to make sure that you are zoned according to the operations for your business e.g. that you are not a business operating in a residential area.

Businesses Act of 1991, No. 71