The business has a written agreement with the beneficiary community and there is evidence of verbal communication of the agreement to local residents and community members

What does this mean?

  • Once the community has been consulted as above, it is essential for the business to summarise the outcomes into a written agreement for the beneficiary community which covers at least the following:
    • Programme details such as length
    • Beneficiary and business roles & responsibilities
    • Feedback & complaints mechanisms
  • Once the agreement has been finalised it also needs to be verbally communicated to the community members to ensure that they are all aware of the agreement and understand its contents.

What do I do?

  • The business needs to keep a copy of this agreement on record.  An example of one can be found in the Resource Centre
  • It will always remain the responsibility of the business to ensure that all community members are aware of the agreement to ensure transparency and inclusion of all.
  • Records also need to be kept on any feedback or complaints that are made by the community into the programme. The business then also needs to demonstrate actions taken based on this feedback.