The business has a written procurement policy

What does this mean?

  • A business needs to have a written procurement policy which outlines some of the following:
    • Relationships with suppliers,
    • How suppliers are chosen with a specific focus on small, local businesses, black-owned businesses, other Fair Trade businesses, etc.
    • How products are chosen with a specific focus on environmentally friendly or certified products
  • The policy should also include improvement targets for preferred products and suppliers as well how the business plans to reduce spend and use of less favourable products, especially consumables.

What do I do?


These websites have some good examples of procurement policies and guidelines to creating your own:

  • It is a good idea to include opportunities in the policy to stimulate the local economy and buy from local community suppliers.  
  • You should also make the policy available on your website so that potential suppliers can have access to it and make contact with you.