The business has a written training plan based on this assessment

What does this mean?

  • Once the training needs assessment has been completed, the business needs to write a training action plan based on the outcome.
  • Once developed, the training plan needs to be shared and explained to all employees to ensure that they are part of the plan and aware of the training that will be done with them during the year.
  • The training plan should include training that is going to be done in-house, for example a practice fire drill, as well as training that may be done externally, such as the first aid course.
  • The business should also consider all different types of training, for example workshops, shows, etc. that may be relevant to the business and will build the knowledge, capacity and skills of its employees.

What do I do?

The following is an easy to use tool to help you make your training plan:

The following website describes the importance of a training plan and how to develop one for your employees:

In the Template Portal you will also find an example of a training plan which could be used to inform your own.