The business has adequate first aid kits available

What does this mean?

  • Adequate first aid kits mean that there needs to be fully stocked first aid kits at each main points of the business.  This will include vehicles that are used to transport guests or employees.
  • All employees need to know where the first aid kits are kept and this should be part of their annual H&S training.
  • Each first aid kit needs to have a list of required items and they need to be restocked as soon as needed.  One of the first aiders should be made in charge of ensuring that first aid kits are always adequately stocked.
  • Each first aid kit should also have a book in it to record stock taken out.

What do I do?

You can go to the following website to check the contents of your first aid kits:
The following company is also useful for ordering your first aid kits and stock online:

You can also find a list in the Resource Centre of first aid kit requirements according to Netcare 911.  Remember that no ingestible such as headache tablets may be kept in a first aid box, unless there is a qualified person employed who may issue medicine such as a paramedic.