The business has conducted an environmental risk assessment and has developed and implements measures to mitigate all negative impacts on the environment as identified in the risk assessment. There are records of such activities

What does this mean?

  • In point D2.1, reference was made to the business needing to conduct an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA). 
  • This can be done internally by a knowledgeable person, or externally by an expert.  This will also depend on the size and scope of the business and level of impact it could have on the environment.
  • The ERA needs to cover all areas of section D of the FTT Product Standard.
  • Once the risk assessment has been conducted, the business needs to develop a management plan on how to deal with the risks identified, especially those that are having a negative impact on the environment.

What do I do?

These websites can guide you in conducting your own ERA and can also give you more information on what it is all about:

You will find some more information in the Resource Centre in D2.1, but some extra material has also been included in this section.