The business has developed a code of conduct for guests which must be adhered to when visiting of living cultures, religious sites and heritage sites is facilitated by the business

What does this mean?

  • The business has a written policy or code of conduct to inform guests of the appropriate conduct when visiting these sites
  • The code should include topics such as littering, digging or probing, removal or extraction of any objects, demarcated areas, respect for people and property etc.
  • Once the code is finalised it needs to be communicated to guests either through written information or verbally, for example through employees or guides.

What do I do?

  • To inform this code of conduct the business needs to do an assessment of whether or not these visits have any negative impact on the natural or cultural aspects of the surrounding areas.
  • More information on these guidelines can also be found at The Trust for African Rock Art (TARA)

An example of a code of conduct for guests can be found in the Resource Centre.