The business has developed a plan for the eradication of alien invasive species in the areas of its operations, where this is relevant to location

What does this mean?

  • As per the risk assessment conducted in the first point, the business would have identified all alien invasive species that exist in the area of its operations.
  • Once identified, the business needs to develop an action plan on how these will be eradicated over time.  This plan should be developed in conjunction with local authorities on the subject or with local projects like Working for Water to ensure that it is in line with local government strategies.
  • It is advisable to consult with and involve the local community as much as possible to assist with the plan.

What do I do?

For more information on alien invasive species and the eradication thereof in South Africa, visit the following websites:

Please note: this criterion should be taken in the context of the location of your business e.g. urban vs. rural.  In the case of urban areas, businesses are urged to explore these types of initiatives just outside their area of operation and support where feasible.