The business has implemented measures to reduce water consumption

What does this mean?

  • The first step in reducing water use is to monitor consumption as explained above.
  • Once this is operational for some time, comparisons can be done to determine when water is being used the most and what the causes are.
  • This is when the business can develop an action plan on which areas of the business to tackle first in terms of trying to reduce water consumption.
  • Some ways to save water include using low flow shower heads, efficient irrigation systems, checking for leaks in pipes regularly, changing the time of day when irrigation is used, etc.
  • Once the business has developed its action plan on how to reduce water consumption, this must be shared with employees, especially in terms of the roles and responsibilities they have.
  • Measures taken by the business to reduce consumption should also be communicated to guests and assistance asked from them where necessary – for example asking them to report any leaks in taps or running toilets.

What do I do?

An employee could also attend a course on water efficiency:

In the Resource Centre is an interesting report on water equity in tourism.