The business has included measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its environmental management plan

What does this mean?

  • The business needs to develop an Environmental Management Plan (EMP).  This plan should cover all criteria dealt with in Section D of the FTT Standard.
  • Measures to reduce GHGE will then also be included in this plan.
  • Some examples of GHGE reduction are: use of energy saving light bulbs, using heating and cooling systems only when necessary and ensuring they are regularly serviced, making sure all vehicles are regularly serviced, recycling, reducing waste to landfill, etc.
  • Once the EMP has been finalised it needs to be communicated to employees so that they are aware of their roles and responsibilities, especially in terms of GHGE reduction.
  • The business also needs to communicate to guests on how GHGE are being reduced.

What do I do?

In order to develop an Environmental Management Plan, the business should first do an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA).  In the Resource Centre you will find more information on ERAs and EMPs.

In the Template Portal are also some examples and templates that can be used by the business to develop your EMP.