The business has records for the storage, use, handling and disposal of all chemicals and cleaning products

What does this mean?

  • The business needs to have safe, locked storage facilities for all types of chemicals used on the premises.
  • There should be a dedicated employee put in charge of this facility who has adequate training and knowledge on the handling, storage, use and disposal of these substances.
  • This person needs to keep up to date stock records of these products and also record when they are dispensed, how they were used and by whom.

What do I do?

Remember that when conducting the H&S risk assessment to identify all relevant products to include: garden pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, pool chemicals, kitchen cleaning products and chemicals, fuel and any others that may be of relevance to your operations.

In the Template Portal is a document that can be used to record the storage, use, handling and disposal of chemicals and cleaning products.