The business has trained first aiders according to its size and scope

What does this mean?

  • The OHSA states that each business should have at least 1 formally trained first aider and for bigger businesses, 1 first aider for every 50 employees.
  • Employees need to go on a formal Level 1 first aid course and receive a certificate to be sufficiently trained.  Remember to keep a copy of this certificate on file. 
  • Unlike the H&S representatives, the first aid course expires every 3 years.  The business needs to have a clear overview of the first aiders and ensure that they renew their training before their certificates expire.
  • It is essential to appoint a first aider in each main area of the business, for example 1 in the kitchen, 1 front of house etc.

What do I do?

Just as with H&S there are many companies that offer first aid training.  Just a few examples: