The business has valid licences for the sale of alcohol

What does this mean?

Anyone wishing to sell, manufacture or distribute liquor to the public is required by law to have a liquor licence which must be renewed annually. The distribution of liquor is regulated at national or provincial level, depending on the nature of your operation:

Another factor to consider is the zoning of the property.  As mentioned above you need to contact your local Municipality`s Planning or Land Use Department to confirm the suitability of a premises for an application for a specific Liquor License, e.g. Restaurant, Tavern etc. 

Remember that applications for Liquor Licenses can only be lodged on the first Friday of every month.

What do I do?

Contact your provincial Liquor Regulatory Authorities to determine how you should apply. A list of these authorities can be found on the website of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) at:
The DTI also has a page of FAQs which is quite useful:

Some companies that can assist you with obtaining your Liquor License:

More information on:

Liquor Act, No. 27 of 1989