The business maintains an up to date file of all relevant internal human resource policies

What does this mean?

  • The business needs to develop a human resource (HR) file which contains at least the following information:
    • All relevant national legislation applicable to the business with regards to HR.
    • Any HR policies created by the business with regards to: discipline, recruitment, grievance, performance management, incentives, tipping, sexual harassment, health and safety needs of pregnant and nursing mothers, child and forced labour and retrenchment.
  • As much as is possible, the relevant legislation and policies should be made available in the home languages of your employees in addition to English.

What do I do?


Some countries have a labour department which could be contacted to receive copies of the relevant legislation.  These can sometime also be found in poster format which is useful for displaying at the work place.

In South Africa these can be accessed at the following websites: