The business provides training or business development support to at least 20% of their 3rd party suppliers

What does this mean?

  • The business needs to have a complete list of all its 3rd party suppliers and use this to identify at least 20% of them for training and/or business development.
  • This training and development should be aimed at improving the capacity of suppliers to offer better products and services and thereby increase their earning potential. 
  • Some training and development should at least be focused on improving the compliance of these suppliers to Fair Trade principles

What do I do?

The following should be kept in mind in terms of training and business development support:

  • It can be provided by the business itself or by external training organisations.
  • If it is done by the business itself, attendance registers need to be kept as proof.
  • If an external organisation is used, it should be able to give certificates, training reports, attendance registers etc. as proof.
  • It can either be in the form of a once off intervention or in a programme developed for a longer period of time.