There are written contracts with all 3rd party suppliers

What does this mean?

  • A 3rd party supplier is one that guests will visit as part of the tour, for e.g. whale watching, sports activities, etc.  
  • Written contracts should state as a minimum:
    • Service to be performed or product to be delivered
    • Expected quality
    • Price
    • Payment and cancellation terms
    • Arbitration mechanism
  • The contracts need to be consistent for all suppliers and should be in line with Fair Trade principles.

What do I do?

  • In the Template Portal you will find an example of a contract that can be used for 3rd party suppliers.
  • This needs to be customised by the business according to its operations.
  • Remember that both the business and the 3rd party supplier must sign the contract and have a copy thereof.

You can refer to the last point in A5 for more information on Fair Trade as well as to A9.