There is evidence of skills transfer to local residents and community members as a result of the programme

What does this mean?

  • Another aim of the voluntourism product is to transfer skills to local residents and the community in line with identified needs.
  • The business therefore needs to first do an assessment with the local community in terms of training that could be offered through the volunteer programme.
  • The training should focus on necessary skills and be offered in a language, format and level appropriate to the current skills level of the community members.

What do I do?

  • How to conduct a training needs assessment was dealt with in A2 and you can refer there for more information.
  • Once the training needs assessment has been done with the community, the business needs to design a training plan to meet this needs overtime or within the means of the programme.
  • Training can be done both internally and externally and in each case the appropriate records need to be kept as you would with the training of your own employees.