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Hotel Le Paradisier

Hotel Le Paradisier is located on the south-west coast of Madagascar at Ifaty, north of the town of Tulear. It has been carefully designed to harmonise with the landscape - the lodge environs featuring stone pathways lined with fascinating spiny forest plants which occur naturally on this stretch of coast. Overlooking the sparkling Ifaty lagoon on the Mozambique Channel and a pristine white sand beach, Le Paradisier is a champion of the local community as well as conservation of its fragile eco-system.

Mantasoa Lodge

Located on Lake Mantasoa, a short distance from Madagascar’s capital of Antananarivo, Mantasoa Lodge is a popular weekend escape and the perfect base from which to explore this verdant area of the “Red Island”. This family resort overlooks the sparkling waters of the lake, offering a range of water-based activities including kayaking and fishing. Hiking is also available in the lakeshore forests which are home to a range of birdlife and indigenous wildlife.