Fair Trade Tourism and Fair Trade Holidays

The Fair Trade Tourism certification programme was officially launched in South Africa, marking the first time in the history of the Fair Trade movement that a trademark or label for the tourism sector had been created.

Germany at a glance

Germany is one of the largest outbound tourism markets in the world. About three quarters of Germans go on vacation, with one-third of them travelling abroad, and many Germans take at least two holiday trips per year. In total, Germans made more than 70 million holiday trips in 2012, spending about € 62 billion (a 2 % increase on the previous year).

Netherlands at a glance

The Netherlands is ranked 12 in top long-haul outbound tourism markets, and 80% of the population goes on vacation with 45% of these going abroad. For South African overseas arrivals, the Netherlands is ranked 7th, down from 4th in 2010.

Switzerland at a glance

Switzerland's travel propensity is among the highest worldwide. 85.5 % of Swiss people go on at least one holiday per year and in 2010, Swiss people made 16.6 million trips with overnight stays. 10 million of these were international trips. Switzerland has become an important European outbound market and is now ranking 6th after the traditional big markets UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and Italy.

Sweden at a glance

With the ninth highest per capita personal disposable income in the world and 25 legislated annual leave days per year (at least), Sweden is considered an attractive tourism market for long-haul travel.

UK at a glance

With close to 70 million trips per year, the UK is the world’s second largest outbound market, after Germany. It is also the second largest long-haul market, after the USA, with approximately 20 million trips.